Shipping during the COVID-19

Our mission is to provide great products for customers like yourself, while keeping our employees safe. I know you are very eager to get the products you have purchased. However, we are facing challenges with our fulfillment centers and shipping channels during these pandemic.

If you have placed an order, please expect a delay with receiving your products. Our suppliers, while practicing social distancing and an overwhelming volume of requests have reached the bottle neck for their production capabilities. At Toxic Pandas, we strive to work with our suppliers to ensure products are delivered to you, our valuable customers, in a quickest time frame. 

Please note that, we still have a good supply of accessories and backpacks ready to be shipped. If you would like to order our apparel, some items may have a lead time of up to 3-6 weeks.

As well, we're currently working with other suppliers to see if we can shorten that production time. First we have ensure the quality of these facilities meet our impeccable standards that Toxic Pandas is proud of.

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If you are ordering multiple items. Please note that your orders might be separated in different packaging as they may come from different facilities.